Admission code in Sichuan: 5724
Service Development / Knowledge and Action / Students Cultivation / Serve the Society
Enrollment sequence: Undergraduate Batch II /Junior College; undergraduate and college of Arts / undergraduate and college of Sports

Gingko College of Hospitality Management is a full-time higher-level independent college with undergraduate diploma qualification sponsored by Chengdu Yinxing Asset Managemen t Co., Ltd. and jointly by Chengdu University of Information Technology. It is among the first batch of independent colleges in Sichuan approved by the Ministry of Education. The college is located in Pidu District, Chengdu, and is rooted on the fertile soil of the Land of Abundance.

There is the beautiful story of Emperor Wang's turning into a cuckoo in Sichuan in ancient times, and today Yinxing (Gingko College) spreads its fragrance on this land. Our school is facilitated with convenient transportation such as subway, express train, tramcar, and buses. It owns all necessary teaching facil ities, and provides colorful extra-curriculum activities and community life. It is fully facilitated for study, recreation, and living. The student dormitories are equipped with independent toilets and washrooms, air conditioners and hot water. The school is elegant and quiet with flowers, lush trees, and grasslands. It is suitable for both studying and academic research.

Since the school was founded, it has been adhering to the school motto of "Service Development / Knowledge and Action", and is oriented to the educational philosophy of “Students Cultivation / Serve the Society” in line with modern service industry needs. It strives to cultivate highly qualified application-oriented talents with professional theoretical knowledge and skills, humanity awareness, innovation ideology and practical ability. The employment rate of graduatesfrom the college has remained above 96% for five consecutive years.

After more than 10 years of development, it has become an application-oriented higher education institution featuring hospitality and tourism of multidisciplinary and multi-major development. The college now has eight departments, namely, Department of Financial Management, Department of Information Technology and Management, Department of Hospitality Management, Department of Tourism Manageme nt, Department of Industry and Commerce Management, Department of Art Design, Department of Leisure Sports Management, and Department of Foreign Languages, with six disciplines of management, literature, engineering, education, arts and economics, 25 undergraduate maj ors, and 22 junior college majors. It includes four provincial-level transformation and development pilot majors, four provincial-level quality engineering project construction majors, four provincial-level key specialty promotion plan construction majors and six majors selected as provincial-level application-type demonstration professional construction projects.

Basic Information

Full name of the school: Gingko College of Hospitality Management
Education level: Ordinary full-time undergraduate school
School type: Independent college

Graduation certificate: For those who meet the graduation requirements, Gingko College of Hospitality Management will issue a full-time regular higher education undergraduate or college diploma recognized by the Ministry of Education and accessible on the official website of Ministry of Education: www.chsi.com(China Credentials Verification).

Degree certificate: If an undergraduate meets the requirements for a bachelor's degree, the corresponding bachelor's degree certificate will be awarded by Gingko College of Hospitality Management.
Employment: The employment rate of graduates has remained above 96% for five consecutive years.
Scholarship and bursaries: National Scholarships, National Inspirational Scholarships, National Bursaries, College Scholarships, Yinxing Scholarships, etc.
Accommodation: All dormitories are facilitated with independent toilets, washrooms, air conditioners, and hot water. 

International exchanges: The college cooperates with overseas universities and institutions such as SEG Swiss Hospitality Management College of Swiss Education Group(SEG), Chiang Mai University of Thailand, American Hotel & Lodging Association, etc. to establish platform for overseas exchange, internship, study and employment, and to provide conditions for the globalization of students and alumni. 

School location: Guangchang Road, Hongguang Town, Pidu District, Chengdu
Campus environment: Complete facilities for teaching, study, recreation and living. Diverse extra-curricular activities and community life Convenient transportation: Subway, express train, tram, and buses.

School Honors

Demonstration Institution for National Tourism Specialized Talent Training
Liberal Arts Practice Education Base in Sichuan Province
Sichuan Tourism and Hospitality Management Experimental Teaching and Demonstration Center
Sichuan Province College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Incubation Base
Social Science Popularization Base of Sichuan Hospitality and Food Culture
Key Research Base of Tourism in Sichuan
The First Batch of Hospitality and Restaurant Management Talent Training Demonstration Institutions in Sichuan Province
Sichuan Advanced School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education.


Department of Financial Management

Undergraduate: Financial Management、Auditing、Accounting、Taxation
3-year Junior College: Accounting、Finance Management

Department of Information Technology and Management

Undergraduate: Information Management and Information System、Digital Media Technology、Logistics Engineering、E-Commerce、Network and New Media
3-year Junior College:E-Commerce、Logistics Management、Digital Media Application Technology、Economic Information Management

Department of Hospitality Managemen

Undergraduate: Hospitality Management、Property Management
3-yearJunior college: Cooking Technique and Nutrition、Hospitality Management、Property Management

Department of Industry and Commerce Management

Undergraduate: Marketing、Human Resource Management 、Project Costs
3-year Junior college: Human Resource Management、Marketing 、Project Costs 、Construction Economic Management

Department of Foreign Languages

Undergraduate: English、Business English、
3-year Junior college: Applied English、Tourism English

Department of Leisure Sports Management

Undergraduate: Leisure Sports
3-year Junior college: Social Sports

Contact Information

School address:   No. 60, Guangchang Road North Section 2, Hongguang Town, Pidu District, Chengdu
Online inquiry:  Personal QQ: 1120223558/2325548569
QQ group:   184861413/184861425
Phone:  028-87979300 / 87979220/87979000
Fax:  028-87979220
Postal Code:   6117431
Email:  yx-zs@126.com
College website:  http://www.yxhmc.edu.cn

CgSB No. 51012402000366 shuicp No. 05022230