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Dynamic News

2020-04-26 16:43:14


Source: International Exchange and Cooperation Office

The Mauritius Professional Internship Program provides students from our school with the opportunity to work as internships in Mauritius-based hotels (4- to 5-star international standard hotels), travel agencies, wildlife parks, and commercial companies for a period of 4-12 months. It can not only accumulate rich internship experience, but also experience the culture and life of Mauritius first-hand, and be able to communicate with interns from all over the world, effectively improve language skills, communication skills and ability to solve problems independently. This project is officially established and promoted by Mauritius and is under the strict supervision of the Government of Mauritius. The number of Chinese tourists visiting Mauritius every year continues to increase. In order to ensure the overall quality of services, the Mauritius government and institutions have specially promoted the project to allow Chinese college students to participate in internships in Mauritius. Not only can they have an internship experience, but they will also help Mauritius learn and understand Chinese culture, effectively improving services.

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