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The Yibin Campus of Gingko College held Opening Ceremony of Fall Semester 2020

2020-09-03 16:46:39


Source: International Exchange and Cooperation Office

On the morning of Aug. 31th , the opening ceremony of fall semester 2020 was held in Yibin Campus of Gingko College of Hospitality Management.

Liu Bo, standing committee member of Nanxi District Committee of CPC, delivered a welcome speech. He said, “the Yibin campus of Gingko College is the first University in Nanxi, which means a lot to Nanxi. Nanxi District will do its best to make the operation of teaching and campus life in good condition for the very first batch of teachers and students”.


Liu Wukang, party secretary of Gingko College, speaking on behalf of the heads of Gingko College of Hospitality Management, thanked Yibin Government and Nanxi District Government for their strong support and help to Gingko College, and pointed out that “for us, Yibin Campus is a major development strategy”. He asked the students to enhance their comprehensive qualities, increase knowledge and abilities, and work hard to achieve their dreams as young people in the new era.


Huang Guoquan, senior adviser of Gingko Standard Teaching Hotel, gave a welcome speech on behalf of The practice teaching team, and briefly introduced the lesson plan at teaching hotel for the next 4 months. He hoped that “the students will comprehensively expand the theoretical cognition and promote professional practice abilities, growing into high quality professionals in the International Hotel Industry.”  图7.jpg

Wang Ran, the representative of teachers, made a speech to clear the importance of Yibin campus and teaching hotel for professional ability training, and expected that the students should be strict with themselves to study harder together and become more professional, intelligent and socially responsible.  


On behalf of all the students in Yibin campus, the student Mao Feng expressed her gratitude to Gingko College and teachers, and showed her confidence and determination to concentrate on her study in Nanxi and strive to become an excellent hotelier. 


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