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  • Gingko College held 2020 Freshmen Opening Ceremony
  • On the evening of Oct. 22nd, the 2020 freshmen opening ceremony was held in Chengdu Campus of Gingko College of Hospitality Management. This gala was to welcome more than 3,700 freshmen in 2020. 


    Expressing the warmest welcome and congratulations to the freshmen from all over the country, Liu Wukang, party secretary of Gingko College, said, “our faculties and counselors will always support, encourage and cheer for the freshmen in the development of their moral, intelligence, physical constitution and aesthetics. And what is more important is to nourish the students` confidence, self-discipline, self-improvement and beyond.” 


    Based on his own experience, Huang Guoquan, senior adviser of Gingko Standard Teaching Hotel, suggested that the freshmen should make plans for their careers as soon as possible, and choose a suitable & pleasant career. He encouraged students to participate in the interesting and fashionable Hotel Industry, so as to maintain vitality and keep in line with the world.


    Zhou Xudong, on behalf of all faculties, gave a speech to express her hope that the freshmen should not only learn professional knowledge well, but also learn to be a man, to study, to be grateful, and strive to become the talents needed in the industry and society.


    Sharing career development experience, Liu Jiayu, the representative of the alumnus, encouraged the freshmen to cherish the campus time and take advantage of various opportunities to improve themselves comprehensively, and wished them to fulfill their dream in the future.


    On behalf of the 2020 Freshmen, Huang Ruiqi showed her confidence and determination to become an excellent college student with ideals, knowledge and talents.


    Then the heads of Gingko College wore the school badge for the freshmen representatives.

    After the opening ceremony, the welcome gala was on.



    Showing the rich cultural heritage of Gingko College and the good spirit of all faculties and students, the evening gala lasted for one and a half hours. And   the whole audience was immersed in a cheerful and passionate atmosphere.

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  • Gingko College Undertook the 46th World Skills Competition
  • The Hospitality Item of the 46th World Skills Competition (Sichuan Division), which sponsored by the Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Sichuan Province, held at Gingko College of Hospitality Management (Gingko College for short) on Sep. 29th.


    Organized by WSI (World Skills International), the World Skills Competition is the highest level vocational skills event,and known as the World Skills Olympics. The Hospitality Item, a high EQ program for communication and social skills, is one of the new projects in the 45th World Skills Competition, which requires the use of English throughout the communication.


    According to the standard of the World Skills Competition, the Hospitality Item (Sichuan Division) has four sections and six parts, including Personal Presentation, Reservation, Check-in & Check-out and Settling Complaints etc.


    On the basis of the requirements of the organizer, Gingko College, as the hospitality management undergraduate institution and the Chengdu Hospitality Vocational Skills Competition Training Base, has drawn up the technical documents of Sichuan Division, including the competition items,referee team, proposition & performance evaluation criteria, field requirements, and match rules,etc, which have been approved by the organizer and actually implemented.


    The organizers of ChongQing division and the coaches and players came all the way to observe the whole competition.

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  • The Yibin Campus of Gingko College held Opening Ceremony of Fall Semester 2020
  • On the morning of Aug. 31th , the opening ceremony of fall semester 2020 was held in Yibin Campus of Gingko College of Hospitality Management.

    Liu Bo, standing committee member of Nanxi District Committee of CPC, delivered a welcome speech. He said, “the Yibin campus of Gingko College is the first University in Nanxi, which means a lot to Nanxi. Nanxi District will do its best to make the operation of teaching and campus life in good condition for the very first batch of teachers and students”.


    Liu Wukang, party secretary of Gingko College, speaking on behalf of the heads of Gingko College of Hospitality Management, thanked Yibin Government and Nanxi District Government for their strong support and help to Gingko College, and pointed out that “for us, Yibin Campus is a major development strategy”. He asked the students to enhance their comprehensive qualities, increase knowledge and abilities, and work hard to achieve their dreams as young people in the new era.


    Huang Guoquan, senior adviser of Gingko Standard Teaching Hotel, gave a welcome speech on behalf of The practice teaching team, and briefly introduced the lesson plan at teaching hotel for the next 4 months. He hoped that “the students will comprehensively expand the theoretical cognition and promote professional practice abilities, growing into high quality professionals in the International Hotel Industry.”  图7.jpg

    Wang Ran, the representative of teachers, made a speech to clear the importance of Yibin campus and teaching hotel for professional ability training, and expected that the students should be strict with themselves to study harder together and become more professional, intelligent and socially responsible.  


    On behalf of all the students in Yibin campus, the student Mao Feng expressed her gratitude to Gingko College and teachers, and showed her confidence and determination to concentrate on her study in Nanxi and strive to become an excellent hotelier. 


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  • Signing MOU with Chiang Mai University for Intercollegiate Cooperation
  • On June 11, 2020, Gingko College signed MOU with Thailand's Chiang Mai University for intercollegiate cooperation. Due to the impact of the pandemic, the signing ceremony was held within their respective campuses via video conference via Tencent Meeting online platform. Gingko College President Li Ming and Vice President Fu Jing, Chiang Mai University President Niwes Nantachit, Vice President Rome Chiranukrom, President counselor Chaphiporn Kiatkachatharn and leaders from related teaching units of the two universities attended the online signing ceremony.

    The ceremony officially commenced at 11 a.m. (Beijing time) with speeches delivered by President Li Ming and President Niwes. President Niwes first expressed his greetings and gratitude in Chinese, then introduced that Chiang Mai University is one of the oldest universities in Thailand with extensive resources in education and research, followed further by an explanation on the mission of Chiang Mai University and stated a sincere hope to promote teacher-student exchanges and research between the two universities in the fields of hospitality, tourism, healthcare, international logistics and e-commerce through cooperation with Ginkgo.

    In addition, President Niwes also spoke highly of the time-honored friendship between Thailand and China and indicated full confidence in the cooperation of promoting the integration of disciplines between Thai and Chinese universities under the "Belt and Road" initiative.

    Thereafter, President Li Ming commended Chiang Mai University for its outstanding education and research achievements that helped bolster regional development over the past 50 years. He then introduced the Gingko College of Hospitality and Management, the school's status as the only independent institution of higher education in China specializing in the field of hotel management, Gingko's prestigious reputation in the hotel management education sector, Nanxi Campus' innovative teaching model (a practical teaching system integrating instruction, study, research and training), and Gingko's crucial function as a major training base for application-oriented talents with higher education background conducive to the development of the Sichuan-ASEAN economic region. President Li Ming expressed the wish for Gingko College to collaborate with Chiang Mai University in the fields of smart hotel, digital innovation, fin-tech for the tourism and hotel industry, supply chain management for the tourism and hospitality industry, health-care tourism, cross-border e-commerce and other areas, so as to jointly foster internationalized application-oriented human resources for management and research roles.

    Afterwards, President Li Ming and President Niwes signed a MOU for the establishment friendly relationship and cooperation at their respective ends on the video conference platform. The whole process was also witnessed and supported by Ms. Woramon Sinsuwan, the Deputy Consul General of the Consulate General of the Royal Thai Consulate-General, Chengdu.


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  • Commencement of Gingko College of Hospitality Management and Prince of Songkla University Joint MBA Program in Hospitality and Tourism
  • On the morning of June 10, 2020, the "Gingko College of Hospitality Management and Prince of Songkla University Joint MBA Program in Hospitality and Tourism" forum was successfully held jointly by Gingko College and the Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism of the Prince of Songkla University on Tencent's online meeting platform. This online teach-in attracted participation of students and parents from Gingko College's departments of Hotel Management, Tourism Management, Business Administration, Financial Management and Information Engineering Management. The event was hosted by Gingko College Vice President Dr. Fu Jing, and featured Dr. Pornprsanu Promsivapallop and Dr. Chayanon Phucharoen, respectively the Dean and Deputy Dean of Faculty of Hospitality and Tourism (FHT) of the Prince of Songkla University (PSU) as keynote speakers.

    The teach-in commenced with a brief introduction from Vice President Dr. Fu Jing about the signing of the university-level Memorandum of Understanding and school-level Memorandum of Agreement at the PSU Phuket Campus last year.

    The commencement of the MBA in Hospitality and Tourism between the two schools in 2020 is Gingko's first ever postgraduate program carried out in partnership with a foreign institution of higher education. Faculties from both China and Thailand will work together on collaborative teaching and research, making full use of information technology and the combination of online and offline teaching modes to train international and application-oriented research talents in the field of hospitality and tourism management for the Sichuan-ASEAN region.

    Next, Dr. Pornprsanu Promsivapallop, the Dean of FHT, PSU, proceeded with a presentation on the PSU Phuket Campus and FHT. He emphasized the unique strengths for tourism and hospitality education and research inherent in the geographical advantages of both Sichuan and Phuket and expressed great confidence in jointly fostering excellence in this field. Deputy Dean Dr. Chayanon Phucharoen then provided a detailed overview of the features of the MBA program to the attendances including the internationalized course structure, strong faculty background and frequent regional and industry supports.

    The cooperation between Gingko and PSU is another new exploration for Gingko to collaborate with reputable foreign universities in the field of hospitality and tourism, opening a new chapter in joint training endeavors. Furthermore, the partnership demonstrates Gingko’s objective and determination in internationalized schooling that answers to the call of the state's Belt and Road development strategy.

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  • The Yinxing-SEG Summit & the International Forum on Hospitality Management Education Successfully Held
  • After the strategic MOU signing between Yinxing and Swiss Education Group (SEG), a Summit & the International Forum on Hospitality Management Education was successfully held from December 2-7, 2019 in Yinxing. Led by Mr. John Daly, Director of Teaching Process of SEG and Vice President of International Center of Excellence in Tourism and Hospitality Education (THE-ICE), the SEG team were warmly welcomed.

    On December 2, The Yinxing-SEG Summit was held. Senior management team led by President Li Ming of Yinxing presented. President Li Ming gave a welcome speech to express his appreciation to SEG guests. He emphasized that Yinxing has always adhered to an open mind and heart to a global world. 

    SEG delegation expressed their gratitude for the warm reception of Yinxing. Mr. John Daly expressed that two sides have maintained deep friendship and close contacts, and have been working together to nurture talents for hospitality. In addition, SEG showed their willingness to further cooperate with Yinxing and hoped to embark on a new journey of cooperation between the two sides. 

    Afterwards, the Yinxing-SEG International Hotel Management Talent Forum was held from December 3-6. Eight public keynote speeches and five themed seminars were given by lecturers from five hotel schools of SEG (The Swiss Hotel Management School, the Hotel Institute Montreux, Cesar Ritz Colleges, Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland, and International Hotel and Tourism Training Institute). Faculty of Yinxing actively participated in the seminars and shared their visions and ideas in terms of hospitality education.

    The meeting has strengthened communication between Yinxing and the SEG, and laid a solid foundation for the future cooperation.

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