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  • Gingko College of Hospitality Management Won “2020 Brand-influential Private Colleges & Universities” Awards
  • On Dec. 8th, 2020, CCTV Education Annual Gala, sponsored by CCTV.com, was held in Beijing. With the theme of Cloud Ecology & Looking Forward——High-Quality Development of Education in the New Era, the gala took 3 months to select many important awards in the field of higher education, public welfare etc., throughout online vote and comprehensive evaluation by experts and scholars in the education industry.   


    With its outstanding achievements in talent cultivation, scientific research, social service, cultural inheritance, international exchange and cooperation,  Gingko College of Hospitality Management won 2020 Brand-influential Private Colleges & Universities.


    Gingko College of Hospitality Management, the first institution of higher education named after hospitality management in China, has been evaluated and approved by the Ministry of Education in 2020. In Gingko College, students are educated by professionals specializing in management science, literature, art, engineering, education and economics. Over years of development, Gingko College, featured by hospitality and tourism management, has undertaken the 2nd batch of provincial comprehensive education reform pilot projects and completed one provincial construction project in talent training model innovation experimental area, four teaching quality construction projects of higher education, one construction project of experimental teaching demonstration center for higher education in Sichuan and so on.


    Meeting the development needs of the modern tourism industry, Gingko College gives weight to and continuously completes its practice-ready talent cultivation model, in order to supply more high-quality and professional hotel-related talents for the industry and form China Power in the global hotel industry.

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  • Gingko College of Hospitality Management Won Two “Echoes of China” Awards
  • On Dec. 2nd, 2020, Echoes of China----Tencent Education Annual Gala, sponsored by Tencent, was held at Beijing Grand Hotel. With the theme of Facing Challenges and Winning the Future Together, the gala selected many important awards such as Annual Excellent Private Colleges & Universities, Annual Model Colleges & Universities for Entrepreneurship and Employment, Annual Education Groups with Brand Influence etc. through online vote and comprehensive evaluation of experts and scholars in education industry.


    Gingko College of Hospitality Management won two honors: 2020 Excellent Private Colleges & Universities and 2020 Model Colleges & Universities for Entrepreneurship and Employment, which is a recognition and encouragement of Gingko College`s educational achievements at present.  


    Since it was first held in 2007, “Echoes of China” , known as the bellwether of education industry, has witnessed the vigorous development and innovative reform of the industry. It reviewed and summarized the achievements of education industry in 2020, especially the experience and reflection in dealing with the epidemic, analyzed the direction and opportunities for future development and awarded 27 heavyweight awards,such as 2020 Comprehensive Influential Brand, 2020 Word-of-Mouth Influential Vocational Education Brand etc.


    Gingko College is the only private undergraduate college in Sichuan Province that has passed the evaluation of Ministry of Education for college transformation in 2020. It has developed into a hospitality and tourism management specialty, with cross integration, mutual support and coordinated development of disciplines in management, literature, art, engineering, education, economics and a undergraduate college on talents cultivation in modern service skills training and application. At present, the college has 25 undergraduate majors and 24 junior college programmes, including 2 provincial first-class majors, 4 majors with provincial quality engineering research project, 4 provincial characteristic majors with specialty promotion research project, and 6 majors on application-oriented demonstration project of private undergraduate colleges in Sichuan Province.


    At present, through the construction of Yibin new campus, relying on hotels operation simulation to cultivate students' comprehensive practical ability, and jointly training master degree with Prince of Songkla University in Thailand, Gingko College deepens the integration of production and education and international development strategy, innovates application-oriented talent training mode, establishes talent training quality evaluation standards and industry standards of characteristic majors , and comprehensively improves talents’ quality and education connotation, better serve the regional economy and industry development, and strive to make "China Standard" get its due seat in the world hospitality industry.

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  • “Zhihui Tianfu” Public Recruitment Event Held in Gingko College of Hospitality Management
  • On Nov. 12th, 2020, "Zhihui Tianfu" Public Recruitment Event, sponsored by the Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Sichuan Province and the Education Department of Sichuan Province, was held in Gingko College of Hospitality Management (Gingko College for short).


    More than 800 posts and about 8500 jobs were provided by over 300 companies from industries of hospitality and tourism, architectural decoration, intelligent manufacturing, biomedical, new media advertising, real estate property, modern service, IT&internet, finance, education training, etc. attracting more than 2500 graduates of the Year 2021 from Gingko College and surrounding universities.


    According to the officer-in-charge, in terms of students' training and cultivation, Gingko College always pays close attention to students` career planning, employment guidance, teamwork, sense of responsibility, resume writing, image design, etc., so that students can integrate into the society and work team more quickly and easily. These attended companies affirmed the overall quality and ability of the Year 2021 graduates from Gingko College.



    In 2020, the task of graduates` employment is even severer than ever. According to the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, Gingko College comprehensively implements priority policies at each level of management to promote graduates' employment. By organizing a series of guidance for graduates' employment, actively communicating with enterprises, stabilizing employment through the internship and encouraging graduates to start their own businesses, Gingko College tries every possible means to broaden employment channels and guarantee the smooth employment of graduates.

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  • Gingko College of Hospitality Management: Invited to Participate in the “3rd Western Higher Education Forum”
  • On Nov. 7th, the 3rd Western Higher Education Forum was held in Neijiang Normal University, which was co--sponsored by The West China Higher Education Research Center, The Editorial Department of Chongqing Higher Education Research and Neijiang Normal University. Experts and scholars, who are from nearly 50 applied higher education institutions in the western China, gathered together to discuss the development opportunities and strategies of higher education under the new situation. Gingko College of Hospitality Management was invited to attend this forum and give a keynote speech. 


    With the theme of New Era, New West, New Higher Education, the forum has focused on the theory & practice, opportunities & challenges, problems & countermeasures, synergy & innovation etc. of western higher education in the new era, in order to promote the western higher education to take the road of connotative development way and help form a new pattern and strengthen the construction of Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle of West Development in the new era.

    At the forum, Gingko College made a keynote speech, which entitled “Research on School-Enterprise Integration of Cultivating Talents in Applied Universities under the Environment of Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle—— Taking Gingko College of Hospitality Management as an Example”, highlighting its innovation in the practice of industry-education integration and school-enterprise cooperation in cultivating applied talents, as well as the milestones of its insistence on characteristic development and connotation development. The keynote speech of Gingko College was well received by the attendees.


    It is reported that Gingko College of Hospitality Management will continue to give full play to its advantages in the field of hotel and tourism, and contribute to building a team of applied talents under the Chengdu-Chongqing  Economic Circle.

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  • Gingko College held 2020 Freshmen Opening Ceremony
  • On the evening of Oct. 22nd, the 2020 freshmen opening ceremony was held in Chengdu Campus of Gingko College of Hospitality Management. This gala was to welcome more than 3,700 freshmen in 2020. 


    Expressing the warmest welcome and congratulations to the freshmen from all over the country, Liu Wukang, party secretary of Gingko College, said, “our faculties and counselors will always support, encourage and cheer for the freshmen in the development of their moral, intelligence, physical constitution and aesthetics. And what is more important is to nourish the students` confidence, self-discipline, self-improvement and beyond.” 


    Based on his own experience, Huang Guoquan, senior adviser of Gingko Standard Teaching Hotel, suggested that the freshmen should make plans for their careers as soon as possible, and choose a suitable & pleasant career. He encouraged students to participate in the interesting and fashionable Hotel Industry, so as to maintain vitality and keep in line with the world.


    Zhou Xudong, on behalf of all faculties, gave a speech to express her hope that the freshmen should not only learn professional knowledge well, but also learn to be a man, to study, to be grateful, and strive to become the talents needed in the industry and society.


    Sharing career development experience, Liu Jiayu, the representative of the alumnus, encouraged the freshmen to cherish the campus time and take advantage of various opportunities to improve themselves comprehensively, and wished them to fulfill their dream in the future.


    On behalf of the 2020 Freshmen, Huang Ruiqi showed her confidence and determination to become an excellent college student with ideals, knowledge and talents.


    Then the heads of Gingko College wore the school badge for the freshmen representatives.

    After the opening ceremony, the welcome gala was on.



    Showing the rich cultural heritage of Gingko College and the good spirit of all faculties and students, the evening gala lasted for one and a half hours. And   the whole audience was immersed in a cheerful and passionate atmosphere.

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  • Gingko College Undertook the 46th World Skills Competition
  • Sponsored by the Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Sichuan Province, the Hospitality Item of the 46th World Skills Competition (Sichuan Division) was held at Gingko College of Hospitality Management (Gingko College for short) on Sep. 29th.


    Organized by WSI (World Skills International), the World Skills Competition is the highest level vocational skills event,and known as the World Skills Olympics. The Hospitality Item, a high EQ program for communication and social skills, is one of the new projects in the 45th World Skills Competition, which requires the use of English throughout the communication.


    According to the standard of the World Skills Competition, the Hospitality Item (Sichuan Division) has four sections and six parts, including Personal Presentation, Reservation, Check-in & Check-out and Settling Complaints etc.


    On the basis of the requirements of the organizer, Gingko College, as the hospitality management undergraduate institution and the Chengdu Hospitality Vocational Skills Competition Training Base, has drawn up the technical documents of Sichuan Division, including the competition items,referee team, proposition & performance evaluation criteria, field requirements, and match rules,etc, which have been approved by the organizer and actually implemented.


    The organizers of ChongQing division and the coaches and players came all the way to observe the whole competition.

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