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Professor Zhang Zhiyong

2020-01-08 10:46:09


Source: International Exchange and Cooperation Office

Master of Economics from Southwestern University of Finance and Economics. He has worked in the Youth League Committee of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, the Propaganda Department of the Party Committee, the Student Office, the School of Finance, the Graduate School, the School of Economics, and the Western Economic Research Center. Served as a member of the teaching committee of the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, and a master's tutor. He is mainly responsible for the teaching of "Political Economics", "Theories and Practice of Socialist Market Economy", "World Economy and Politics", and "Research on Contemporary Chinese Economic Problems". . His main research fields are macroeconomic operation, agriculture, rural areas, and the development of private economy. He has published more than 20 papers, published a monograph, edited a textbook, and won the third prize of the seventh philosophy and social science in Sichuan Province.

CgSB No. 51012402000366 shuicp No. 05022230