Foreign Language Department
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Relying on the industrial advantages of Gingko College, the Foreign Language Department is committed to cultivating application-oriented English language talents with international vision, English background and relevant industry characteristics. The students trained by this department are of high quality and have a good employment situation. The graduates are mainly employed in hotels, tourism, English education, international trade and other enterprises and institutions. More than 100 students have completed their internships in the United States, Thailand, Dubai and other countries.


(Undergraduate Course.Four-year System)

Training objective: This major intends to cultivateapplication-oriented English language talents with high cultural quality, proficient English language skills and solid knowledge of English language, and relevant theoretical knowledge and jobs skills required for the industry. In addition, studentsare provided with oral and written expression ability in English and the ability to conductcross-cultural communication with the people at home and abroad, the comprehensive ability to discover, analysis and solve problems with professional knowledge, the creative thinking ability and the scientific research ability.

Business English

(Undergraduate Course.Four-year System)

Training objective: This major aims to cultivateapplication-oriented and compound business English language talents with solid language basic skills, broad international vision, and high cultural quality.Students are provided withthe basic theory and knowledge of subjects like foreign language and literature, practical economics, management, international commercial law, common international business rules and practices, and should possess the English application ability, cross-cultural communication ability, business practice ability, thinking and innovation ability, independent learning ability, as well as theoretical and practical knowledge and basic skills for certain foreign tourism management and service outsourcing."

Application English

(Junior College.Three-year System)

Training objective: This major aims to cultivateapplication-oriented English language talents who are familiar with relevant national policies and regulations, having good foundation of English language and cultural knowledge, mastering the knowledge necessary for English application and the specialized theoretical knowledge for etiquette, reception, secretarial and business, etc. of foreign affairs agency. In addition, students are provided with the basic skills of foreign secretary practical work and relevant skills for English education for young learners and the ability for foreign trade, service outsourcing and English education.

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