Global Learning

Overseas academic degree promotion program

Hotel management international cooperation class for non-degree students

Gingko College, together with the American Hotel Association, has jointly built the “hotel management international cooperation class for non-degree students” to provide internationally certified professional courses for students interested in studying abroad and internship overseas, and offer opportunities for international study, internship and employment. The class is suitable for hotel management students enrolled in non-degree program in Gingko College. After completing college courses in China, students may upgrade to a higher level of education. The diploma is recognized by the Ministry of Education of China, and students may choose to take in internship or work in the country permitted by the policy.

HND 3 + 1.5 program in the U.K.

The goal of the HND3+1.5 undergraduate program in the U.K. is to introduce world-leading t eaching system and high-quality cooperative college resources from the United Kingdom's Pearson Education Group to build a high-quality learning platform that meet international standards for distinguished Business Administration non-degree program students from Gingko College, and to provide opportunity to matriculate into master’s degree courses in British universities. In addition to the school courses, students may also enroll in British Diploma of Higher Educat ion (HND) curriculum. After three years of the curriculum, students will obtain the British Diplo ma of Higher Education and connect with British universities for one and a half years of master's degree study. After graduation from the British master's curriculum, students will obtain a master's degree certified by the Ministry of Education of China.

SEG Swiss Hotel Management College overseas study/study tour program

Since 2010, Gingko College has cooperated with Swiss Education Group, the largest hotel management education group in Switzerland, to carry out overseas study, study tour and inter-school exchange programs. The pro grams include new and operating colleges, under graduate direct matriculation into master's degree program ; summer study tour; inter-school academic exchange, and etc. While learning from the elite training model o finternational hotel management and Swiss culture, students will be able to improve their high-end profes sional abilities and lay a solid foundation for becoming high-end talents in the hotel industry in the future.

Short-term overseas study tour

Chiang Mai University exchange program

Since 2015, Gingko College has cooperated with Chiang Mai University, the third-ranked university in Thailand, to carry out a series of student exchange programs, having achieved fruitful results. The content of the program includes four months of course learning and two months of internship, a thorough experience of foreign university classes and the culture of Thailand, and improvement in academics and English proficiency, which will become a solid foundation for further study and work.

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