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School mission: Achieving the Students & Serving the Society
School motto: Cultivating Service Awareness, Learning by Practicing
Chengdu Campus
College Vision
To build a distinctive, domestic first-class, internationally renowned hotel management application-oriented university
• In-depth development of the practical teaching

To construct a practice and training base represented by Yibin Campus in Yibin City to introduce an international senior hotel management team for teaching and hotel operations and more importantly for the college to train high-level teachers to meet the market needs and help them understand industry-leading information, enhance their field of vision and expand the practical ability of the teaching profession; at the same time, to set up a platform for senior international and domestic industry professionals to understand teaching and participate in teaching and to improve our professional teachers' level in multiple dimensions.

Gingko College of Hospitality Management is carrying out in-depth cooperation with Swiss education group, Cornell University School of Hotel Administration, the School of Hotel and Tourism Management of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, among overseas universities to provide students with diversified academic choices, deepen the cooperation with various hotel groups, and establish a global strategic partnershipthrough personalized customization courses, aiming to seek more international work and internship opportunities for its students.

• Cultivation and introduction of outstanding

The College is now hiring more experienced industry experts as full-time or guest teachers while encouraging its teachers to work for the industry. Through the construction of teaching hotels, it provides teachers with advanced training and opportunities to improve their practical teaching skills. In addition, the College is increasing the number of teachers for overseas further education and also encouraging its teachers to proactively participate in international conferences, exhibitions and competitions to broaden their international horizons. The College will also provide its teachers with more competitive salaries and benefits to attract and retain talents at home and abroad.

• Creation of unique teaching materials and teaching models based on industry needs

The College is establishing and perfecting a set of standardized teaching materials and a teaching mode that combines theoretical learning with practical operation and its supporting teaching materials. Through long-term accumulation, establishment and improvement of the teaching modes and teaching materials and the gradual promotion of them to other hotel management colleges and universities or training institutions, the College is aimed to become the maker of China's hotel management industry personnel training standard.

Teaching Practice Building Rendering
Canteen Building Rendering
Yibin Campus Rendering
School management positioning

Highlight the characteristics of international school management, strengthen cross-cultural exchanges, actively use foreign high-quality school management resources and industry development trends, absorb and draw on the ideological essence of foreign applied universities, conduct open school management, implement reform and innovation, and strive to create international universities, and cultivate high-level, application-oriented, and internationalized talents.


Give play to the advantages of characteristic disciplines and refine the characteristics of running a school by relying on the development needs of the hotel and tourism industries. Focus on the characteristics of the hotel and tourism industries, maintain and strengthen collection and collaboration, and gradually form a professional group of advantageous and characteristic disciplines through the extension of discipline and specialty characteristics. According to the development trend of the hotel and tourism industries and on the basis of maintaining the advantages of traditional and characteristic disciplines, build and cultivate emerging characteristic disciplines to form a characteristic professional system that meets the actual conditions of the school, so as to innovate and develop the school management characteristics in the process of inheritance.


Adhere to the directions of professional construction, personnel training, scientific research, etc., closely follow the provincial and municipal regional economic and social development strategies and needs, and integrate into regional economic and social development in the round.


According to the society's demand for talents and the development trend of higher education, adhere to the positioning of applied an application-oriented university to innovate the training model of applied talents.

Cultivating mode:conduct school-enterprise cooperation and promote collaborative education; combine practice with theory and highlight education through practices.
Curriculum system: emphasize the cultivation of professional core ability.
Faculty: highlight the construction of a "double-position double-quality" faculty.
Practical teaching:construct a practical teaching system based on the cultivation of professional ability.
Management philosophy: focus more on services.
School management positioning
Overall positioning

Based on Sichuan, serve west China and radiate to the whole country; build a distinctive national first-class hotel management university by taking root in the ideas of setting high moral values through education, realizing the goal of serving local economic construction and industry development, regarding the integration of production and education and school-enterprise cooperation as a means, and focusing on the development needs of Sichuan's cultural tourism industry, especially the hotel industry.

Discipline and specialty positioning

Focusing on the development needs of Sichuan's cultural tourism industry, especially the hotel industry, take management discipline as the main subject and through the integration and coordinated development of literature, art, economics, education, engineering, etc. to form a discipline and specialty system with reasonable structure, distinctive feature and excellent quality, particularly, a first-class backbone and high-quality application-oriented professional group that meets the development needs of the hotel industry.

School management level and type positioning

Mainly focus on undergraduate education, and appropriately retain specialized junior college education, implement continuing education,
international cooperation education and vocational training as required, and approve and implement postgraduate education.
Application-oriented university.

Service object positioning

Based on Sichuan, serve west China and spread across the country, gradually going international.

Positioning of talent training objective

Focus on the needs of the cultural tourism industry especially the hotel industry to train highly qualified professionals who are politically qualified and have a solid professional foundation, strong professional capabilities, high comprehensive quality, and an international perspective.

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