Welcome Party

Gingko College of Hospitality Management always carry out annual activities of heritage nature, which are prepared, arranged and organized by the students, not only representing the practice and inheritance of their service spirits but also serving as a window for the new students to understand the College. Diversified and intriguing theatrical performances allow new enrollments to experience the richness of university life, understand the characteristics of the College and local culture, and promote exchanges and interactions between among students. These grand gatherings show the cohesion between teachers and students and present campus culture.

Hotel skills competition

The annual hotel skills competition is a form of specialty-based characteristic contest that allows s tudents to put the theory of hotel management into practice. The purpose of the competition is to promote learning through contests, mobilize students' interest in specialized course learning, and improve the cognition and professional levels of the hotel industry.

Body etiquette competition

Each year, the College would hold a “Body Etiquette Competition” to show the postures embodying civilized etiquette in a way liked by the students. This competition has become the College's iconic cultural event.

Yinxing Cup marketing plan competition

The College would organize the Yinxing Cup marketing plan competition together with some companies from the hotel and tourism industries every year. The activity would introduce actual projects offered by the horizontal topics and practical teaching base for the participating students to use their marketing expertise and through research and data analysis, to make marketing plans for enterprises to improve their professional capabilities in market research, data analysis, and marketing design.

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