Principle's Message

Human civilization in Sichuan originated from Jinsha, the land of the scared golden bird. The construction of the Dujiangyan Irrigation System by Li Bing transformed Sichuan into the famed Land of Abundance.

Wen Weng introduced public schools and pioneered education in Sichuan. Emperor Wang and Emperor Cong became known as paragons for their dedication to serving the people. Capitalizing on its cultural advantages, Gingko College of Hospitality Management ( or Gingko College for short ) brings together the best of the global faculty to nurture the best of students from around the world. Gingko College is a special college dedicated to cultivating elite students to possess international vision, professional competence and moral and scholastic achievements. Gingko College offers both English and Chinese courses while encouraging the acquisition of both theoretical knowledge on campus and experience in practice. The students receive the most virtuous of education and apply book knowledge to practice in the most effectual manner. Gingko College employs the most knowledgeable of faculty with hands-on experience to teach practical expertise, and Gingko College's graduates are well-known across the industry as experts in both Chinese and Western cultures and application-oriented professionals.

At present, Gingko College continues to stride toward its time-honored aspiration and shoulders the monumental responsibility in the promotion of the service industry. Gingko College is dedicated to nurturing talents with a capacious mind and a common goal while encouraging the application of theory to practice for the sake of glories and progress.

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