Societies & Volunteers

Gingko College of Hospitality Management now has more than 30 student organizations formed and managed by like-minded students on a voluntary basis. As a second classroom carrier, they have effectively played the role of exchanging ideas, learning skills, enlightening each other, and promoting friendship. With its ideology, diversity, artistry, interestingness, and knowledge, the organizationactivities would attract more than 2,000 students each year.

Practices:Innovation and Entrepreneurship Association, Clear Sky Psychology Association, Creative Thinking Association
Sports:Martial Arts Association, Volleyball Club, Tennis Association, Basketball Club, Small Ball Club, Badminton Association
Entertainments:Handmade Club, Tea Ceremony Club, Qingyin (Light Music) Club, Street Dance Club, Zhiyin Mengya Club, Chess Club, Animation Club, Music Club, Makeup Club, Calligraphy Club, Debate Association, Zhiyu Drama Club, Chinese Traditional Culture Club, Literature Club, Public Speaking Club, Knife Painting Association
Public services:Youth Volunteers Association, Business Chance (Friend-sourcing) Association, Law Association
Majors:Anza English Society, Computer Association
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