Strategic Plan
  • Mission Statement, School Motto and Development Vision

Gingko College of Hospitality Management adheres to the direction of running a socialist school, fully implements the Party's and the country's education policies, upholds the fundamental task of fostering character and civic virtue to actively carry out education and teaching, scientific research, social services, cultural inheritance and innovation, and foreign exchanges and cooperations according to the development goal of higher education and the development needs of local economy and society, and cultivate qualified personnel and provide intellectual support for national and local economic, cultural and social development.

School motto: Awareness of service, learning by doing

Development vision: It is committed to the training of modern service industry management talents and strives to become a hotel management college that is in line with international standards, well-known in China, and has prominent hotel characteristics and China's practical personality.

At present, Gingko College continues to stride toward its time-honored aspiration and shoulders the monumental responsibility in the promotion of the service industry. Gingko College is dedicated to nurturing talents with a capacious mind and a common goal while encouraging the application of theory to practice for the sake of glories and progress.

  • Long-term development goal

Gingko College will be built as a hotel tourism management brand college with the purpose of cultivating application-oriented, compound and innovative talents, featuring hotel tourism, multi-discipline and multi-specialty coordinated development, and being well-known China and influential in the tourist industry.

  • Planning for key development disciplines

It will strengthen system construction and build a basic frame of modern university management mechanism and system; deepen the quality construction of talent training, emphasize the cultivation of innovation and entrepreneurship, focus on improving quality, continue to promote the reform of talent distribution models, and improve the employment level; strengthen discipline construction, construct discipline and specialty systems with distinctive characteristics and excellent quality; reinforce the construction of teaching staff and foster a team of high-quality teachers; enhance scientific research to improve the ability to serve the society; intensify the construction of school running conditions; build a green campus with beautiful environment, complete facilities, and strong cultural deposits.

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